Escape The Underdark

The Escape
  • Boba Fett finds lots of loot in the remaining chests, then hides in a hole in the wall
  • Genn talks to Big Blue and he says he used to be an elf. He is a total snob.
  • The orc kicks the mushroom, Leg-o-Lamb intimidates the bully away and Dolbeck checks the mushroom for injury
  • The mushroom releases spores that allow them to communicate.
  • They gain information from the Drow prisoner on how she would escape
  • A fight breaks out in the barracks that Boba is hiding in, it creates a ruckus
  • They take down the door and Eragon convinces the guards to head away to the fight and then Eragon gets a big punch in the face and almost dies.
  • Boba Fett ties the silk rope to Eragon
  • They defeat a drow that ran out of the barracks, then pulled Eragon out of the fight
  • The group run into Jorlan Duskryn who lets them through to get back at Ilvara Mizzrym
  • They all get down to the lower level some way or another, and fight the last of the drow in the way
  • The other prisoners escape and fall into the water where some get engulfed by a grey ooze
  • They run away, and head North-West towards the Dark-Lake
Episode 1 - Prisoners of the Drow
  • Players found themselves trapped
  • Surrounded by other prisoners and the cage is guarded by low ranking guards
  • Leg-o-Lamb convinced a Drow Guard to tell him where the keys were and to help them out
  • Boba Fett got his spider to explore
  • Eragon realized theres something stopping magic within the prison
  • PCs did a bunch of chores… scooped up poop and things. Saw a poisoned chest.
  • AFter chores, Eldeth Feldrun gets slain by the Drow, who goes insane and kills himself. They both fall off the edge and gets eaten by spiders.
  • Boba Fett stealths into Barracks, steals some poison, clothes, silk rope , and a grapple hook, and shuffles belongings
  • Leg-o-Lamb tries to slight of hand getting the pin from the prison door, gets caught but convinces the guard he was just checking the door.

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